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event production

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Created a COVID safe musical event for families to enjoy live magical performances by professional

NYC-Based performers. 

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Created a 'house-front' projection show featuring live performers portraying iconic characters from hit Disney Halloween movies. 

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Cast, managed, founded and performed in a top tier, 8 part, door to door caroling group, while dressed in beautiful Victorian Caroling atti

social media

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Check out just one "story" Mickey made for Artists and Beyond, a teaching platform offering lessons and classes from Broadway Stars!

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graphic design


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Belle EntranceArtist Name
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Jackie Smook VOArtist Name
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creative scheduling

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Meticulously organized and detailed schedule of a Disney Parks Vacation. Pleasant to view and user friendly. Scheduling down to the minute with refined planning for ease of travel from destination to destination. 

about mickey

         Mickey is an artist in every sense of the word. Not only is he a performer and a producer, but he also designs, builds and creates art that is all driven by the desire to create real Disney Magic. From producing a Caroling group resembling that of “The Voices of Liberty”, to creating and building a front yard “Spooktacular” inspired by Disney’s Haunted mansion, Mickey takes Disney’s philosophy of innovation, Guest Experience and detail oriented excellence to every position he holds to consistently deliver a remarkable and outstanding experience. Disney’s values have been implanted into who he is, resulting in projects that have heart, fun and most importantly magic!


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